Smart Woman: Apps For Children with Autism

10 year old Evan Winik is having one of the first conversations he's ever had with his teacher.

At the Reed Academy in New Jersey children with autism are using the i-Touch and i-Pad to play and to communicate like never before.

The kids are using a language app to express their needs and feelings, some for the first time.

Diane Marshall says the technology is a huge help for her 16 year old son David.
Marshall said, " His frustration level is totally reduced. Because so many times he's got all these thoughts and feelings but he has no way of getting them out."

Experts say kids like using the i-Touch and the i-Pad because they're simple to operate. They're intuitive and visual and they give kids a sense of independence.

Kelli de Rosa  of Reed Academy said, "We can teach math reading, the traditional academics, and then we have the life skills that we can go into. We are able to teach children how to do laundry, make sandwiches, how to live functionally."

The organization "Autism Speaks" has links to dozens of apps on its website as a resource for families.

For David Marshall and his family the hands on technology is opening up a new world of understanding.

Autism Speaks is also creating a section on their site where parents will be able to rate how well programs work.

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