Smart Woman: Fit4Mom Workouts

Whether you're pregnant or a new mom and you're just dying to get out of the house, we may have the fitness routine for you. It's called "Fit4Mom Stroller Barre Workout."

"The program is made for the beginner workout, like a mom who has maybe never worked out before, just starting, or just getting back into it. Also, we modify throughout the workout for that mom that maybe has worked out her entire life. We make sure every mom is comfortable when they come in at whatever fitness level they're at in their own personal life," Chevonn Davis, owner of Fit4Mom, said.

The Stroller Barre creator Farel Hruska says that, unlike traditional workouts, the various segments are specifically designed to target areas new moms need to focus on; that includes a lot of squatting, lunging and deep moments that increase stability.

"We need that stability and that strength when we're caring for these children. There's so much about motherhood that's very physically reactionary. When a child learns to walk and then learns to run and then starts to fall, physically we need to react for those children," Hruska said.

The community atmosphere is something that has a big impact on the children as well.

"These children are watching the moms take care of themselves, they're watching these women making themselves a priority without sacrificing time with their kids," Hruska said.

Here in Abilene, we have a similar workout program for new moms and moms-to-be called Fit4Mom Stroller Strides.

To read more about the program visit or go on their website,

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