Smart Woman: Keep Healthy in the Office

Many of us spend half our lives at work, so that's exactly where we need to be practicing healthy habits. But most employees spend their days sitting at a desk. Many companies are realizing that keeping their staff active is key to a productive company, and they're hiring wellness directors to get everyone moving.

This is the main office of Motley Fool, a multimedia financial-services company based in Alexandria, Virginia. And although most of the employees are young, they sit most of the day. 

"There are studies that show that if you're sitting six or more hours a day, that you're chances of heart disease increase up to sixty percent," said wellness director Ben Sterling.
So the company decided to hire a full time health specialist, Ben Sterling, to get their staff moving. Motley Fool executives knew it was a win-win idea.

Sterling said, "People come to work more often, they'll miss less days, health insurance costs will go down."

A lot of research has focused on the "happy-worker hypothesis," which says workers who are happy in their jobs are more likely to show up for work and perform better. One thing determined to make a difference, getting up every two hours and taking a 15-minute walk around the office. 

"I create a lot of plans with employees and then I check up with them on a four, six or eight week basis depending on their goals," said Sterling.

Sterling holds boot camp workouts and brings in experts on yoga, meditation and nutrition, along with a chiropractor, mostly on the company's expense. He also gives employees practical tips like standing up every time they get an email.   

"You can make just small changes so the response has been pretty great," said Sterling.

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