Smart Woman: Know Your ABC's of Health

Keeping heart healthy is many times like alphabet soup. So what do all the letters mean? Know your  numbers or BP, LDL and HDL. BP is blood pressure. HDL and LDL are cholesterol.

"HDL which is your good cholesterol, that stands for high density lipoproteins and for men that should be above 40 and for women above 50, and you should know your LDL which is the low density lipoproteins and those are the bad ones they need to be under 100 for the general population," said Dr. Warren Levy.
And what does BMI stand for?

Levy said, "BMI stands for body mass index and it's a very simple way of calculating percentage of someone's body that is made up of fat.  And we have ranges that we know are healthy or unhealthy. A BMI less than 25 is healthy, above 25 you are overweight and you need to do something about it." 

And an EKG or ECG? "EKG is actually the German abbreviation for electrocardiogram in English we say ECG, but it's simply a electrical measurement of the heart's activity," said Levy.

And if you've suffered from a TIA, should you be worried? "A TIA is a transient ischemic attack, that's a stroke that almost happened.  A TIA can be a warning sign that you are at risk of having a stroke and that should never be ignored," said Levy.

All important letters to know when it comes to your health. 

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