Smart Woman: Prevent Bridezilla Syndrome

Spring is a popular wedding season. But no matter the season, weddings can be overwhelming. So what is it about these blissful ceremonies that can turn nice people into monsters and how can this transformation be avoided?

Olesha Haskett is marrying her college sweetheart, and she's chosen a destination wedding in Jamaica. Talk about stressful. 

"I've had my moments. I won't deny that. But it's been mostly because of other people," said Haskett.

Haskett credits her fianc, her family and her wedding planner for taking away most of the stress. Because with invitations, reservations and libations, weddings can get hectic.

"Stress is natural, it happens. But when you have that support system to be there as a buffer it makes life so much easier for both the bride and the groom," said wedding planner Lerkia Lee-Tidball.

So what causes blushing brides to become bridezillas?

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Greg Jones said, "The pressure can build and really get to people. Those who get easily stressed out may not be able to cope with it well and it comes out in yelling, getting upset."

How to avoid wedding stress?  Experts say stay healthy, don't let your diet or exercise routine suffer, learn how to delegate, ask people to help. Also, break things down to manageable tasks and focus only on those tasks one at a time, make a timetable and utilize technology by posting a website.

"Technology will help you eliminate a lot of the anxiety and stress and make it so much easier to communicate with everybody and have everything organized," said Jones.
And most important keep to a budget so things don't get out of hand. Something Haskett and her future husband have tried to do.

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