Smart Woman: Special Skin Treatment for Expecting Mothers

Pregnant women are often described as having a "glow." But the reality is that expecting a baby can be hard on your skin. There's special treatment for women during those expectant days.

Ria Patel is eight months pregnant. She's followed doctor's orders to a "T". But it hasn't always been easy.

"No pedicures. No hair dying. Watch our for hair removal. Basically anything that will make you look pretty," said expectant mother Ria Patel.

Ria decided to try a vitamin C four layer signature peel at Spa Black, a plastic surgeon supervised medical spa.

"In general, they're very scared and rightly so that not everything is appropriate for pregnant patients. So we decided to come up with a very nice solution to the hyper pigmentation problems," said plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby.

Darkening skin is called melasma or commonly the mask of pregnancy.

The vitamin c, glycolic acid and enzymes provide exfoliation to help get rid of accumulated dry skin. The idea is that patients will walk away with skin that not only looks better, it feels better.

"The skin feels brighter. It's got a little bit more, I'd say, bling to it," said plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby.

Patel said, "If you see yourself in the mirror and you look nice and perky, it'll help for the rest of the day. I know it helps me."

This skin treatment costs 85 dollars at Spa Black in San Antonio. We're told it's appropriate for all skin types and can even help with acne.

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