Smart Woman: Tips For New Runners

Liz Parrish and sixteen-year-old daughter, Lauren, are part of a 5K training program, geared toward new runners.

"We decided that it would be a great thing we could do together," said new runner Liz Parrish.

Sports medicine podiatrist Dr. Perry Julien says some arch, shin and heel pain is normal when starting out. But new runners can prevent an injury by following these tips.

He said, "It's important whenever you start a new activity, whether it's running or tennis or bicycling, that you start off gradually and increase your intensity, increase the duration, increase the frequency on a gradual basis."

And flexibility is just as important, "When your certain muscle groups are tight, you then ask other muscle groups to overwork," said Dr. Perry Julien.

He says number one is the calf stretch, but don't forget the hamstrings, quadriceps and upper legs. Also, what you wear on your feet may make all the difference.

Dr. Perry Julien said, "Usually we recommend somewhere between 200 and 400 miles, or 3-6 months to replace your shoes."

But if an injury does occur? "Any injury that lasts longer than 7 days or gets worse, or re-occurs, should probably be seen by a sports medicine specialist," said Dr. Perry Julien.

As for Liz Parrish and her daughter,their goal is really to get fit, to be healthy and that mentality.

Fit plus fun; a combination for success.

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