Sodas Save a Dublin Landmark as Big Country Stores Stock Up

There's a new soda in town and it's making the memory of Dr. Pepper a little fuzzy.
It's been a year since Dublin Bottling Works had to shut down operations of the soda, but now they're selling out on other kinds.

The sodas have become a saving grace.

"Drinks are flying off the shelves," said Kenny Horton, who manages the soda shop in Dublin.

Just a year ago, the shop was packed with people wanting to buy Dublin Dr. Pepper.

There are still signs of the soda which originated in the town, except, there's tape covering the name that made them famous.

"When you lose a brand that's so iconic in this area it's very tough to pick up where you left off," said Horton.

But they seemed to have found a new recipe for success.

It's been bottled up in 7 original flavors of their own, even with a new logo, "Keepers of the Sweet."

"We want people to eventually get to a point to where they realize all the great drinks we have now, not the great drink we lost," said Horton.

Anyone in Abilene or around the area wanting to sell these bottles would normally have to drive to Dublin to stock up, until now.

In fact, Marlon Solano is stocking up by the crates.

"I'm just going everywhere," said Solano, of Abel Distributors in Abilene, "Salons, barber shops, clothing stores, I mean, just anywhere that I can get the product in there."

He believes in the soda so much, he's traded his career as a plumber to become Abilene's first and only distributor and so far it's paid off.

"Everywhere, every place I have them now, they don't stay on the shelf," said Solano.

So he's ready to ensure everyone gets a taste of the new Dublin sodas.

"Not only in Abilene, not only in Texas, but, I'm looking at New York, I'm looking at Florida, I'm looking at Puerto Rico," said Solano.
It's just something he can't keep bottled up to himself.

The company will be bottling new flavors in June, just in time for their 122nd anniversary.

On the list: root beer, black cherry and ginger ale.

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