Speculation of Oil Jackpot in the Big Country

Rotan, population 1,508, a small West Texas farm town, with what oil companies say, big potential.

"West Texas is known for boom or bust. And that's what you're gonna get here. It will boom for six months, and then, boom, it's gone", says Carl Simmons.

But residents, like Bobby Gruben, who are leasing land to an oil company, aren't as confident.

"There's been production, but there hasn't been big production, and it's my understanding that's what some of them are expecting. But I'll believe it when I see it", says Gruben.

With an abundance of untouched acreage, landowners have noticed recent activity in the area.

"Any time we are outside, we seem to notice more and more of the business types, related to the oil wells", says Simmons.

So could the small town of Rotan be sitting on a potential oil jackpot? Landowners aren't so sure.

"I'm not so optimistic myself. Of course, I've been here forever, and I've seen a lot of dry holes around", says Gruben.

Located in central downtown Rotan, Dairy Queen makes the ideal boardroom for landowners and oil mongers alike to discuss the possibilities.

And though big change could be on the way, the one-light town of Rotan is just starting to see some indication to a possibly booming future, with the DQ as the center of business.

We also spoke with an employee of Devon Energy Corp today, and he told me that in the next six months to a year, there will be some major oil projects in Rotan. He says the supply of oil in the area is massive. 

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