Student Drivers Learn The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Many teens just can't live with out their phones, so an Abilene driving school is making sure their students learn not to text while they are learning to drive and hoping it carries over to the real world.

The first thing Mike Duncan of A.O.K. driving school in Abilene has his students do when they walk into the class room is put their cell phones in a box at the front of the class.

He says the phone is like an addiction for them and many are just used to having a phone all the time.

This is why he puts so much emphasis on the subject while he is teaching.

Duncan says despite all of the information he gives students, distracted driving will become the number one killer of teens behind the wheel.

He also adds its not just teens who are doing texting and driving. He sees just as many adults doing the same thing out on the road.

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