Students Blessed by Teens Killed in Accident

Out of all these faces, perhaps two stick out.

Both Spencer Collins and LeAndra Middleton have no idea of the gift they're about to receive.

"Knowing that I'm doing this because of them, I know that they're in this building smiling with me," said Rocky Flores, who presented the seniors with a scholarship in his daughter and niece's name.

The gift comes from two teenage girls who share similarities.

Just like Collins and Middleton, Elexus Flores and Breanna Camacho had huge dreams of someday going to college.

"My daughter, she was a very helpful person," said Flores.

Neither 16-year-old Elexus or 13-year-old Breanna got to pursue that goal.

They were killed in a car accident, but their fathers are making sure they help others get there.

They've set up the Brelex scholarship fund and Collins and Middleton are the first recipients.

Both now have  $800 toward their tuition.

"This means so much to me," said Collins.

"It was just a shock," said Middleton.

One, like Elexus, will be the first in her family to go to college, the other wants to keep playing sports, just like Breanna..

No matter where they end up, both of these girls now have new people to share the journey with.

"I will be there with them every step of the way," said Flores.

For Middleton, its a gift that goes beyond herself.

"I have siblings and they'll get to see that there's people that want to help us and want us to succeed," she said.

For Flores, it's a blessing that's brought healing.

"I just know that there in this building with me and they're smiling down because i turned a negative into a positive," he said.

And for everyone else, it's a lesson of how one life, no matter how short-lived.. can make a lifelong impact.

Flores says they plan to continue awarding the scholarship to two seniors every year.  

He says it wouldn't have been possible without the communities support. 

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