Sweetwater Mother Speaks Out for Son Killed in Stabbing

Vera Green got the call that no parent ever wishes to get, one that tells them their child has been killed.

"When I looked up I saw the ambulance coming out of the complex, I asked my son, I said 'Is that my son leaving?' and they didn't tell me," said Green.

Green says she knew her son, 43-year-old Carvin Lemmons' long time girlfriend, 26-year-old Shay Walker, ever since she was a baby. In recent years the two had a violent relationship that involved drug and alcohol abuse and often times the police.

"When (Shay was) drinking or when she's on whatever she's on, it wasn't peaceful, my son was stressing I could see it and I could feel it," said Green.

Police say Walker stabbed Lemmons early Saturday morning. Green believes Walker's mother called 9-1-1 when she discovered Lemmons body. When police arrived they found Lemmons dead inside the couple's apartment. Police say Walker is currently behind bars on first degree murder charges.

"It happened and there ain't nothing we can do about it but only thing we wanna do now is be there for the family because we love all of them," said Green.

Loved ones close to Lemmons' family are now coming together in their time of grieving. Remembering Lemmons as a strong, kind man who was always looking out for others.

"I sit in my window over there, Carvin would be coming down the street. He checked on me all the time he called me at night ," Mama are you all right? Ya, you are you all right? Yes mam,'" said Green.

This is not the first time tragedy has hit this family, Green says four years ago one of her grandsons was murdered in a drug related incident.

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