The Dangers of Playing Outdoors

Playgrounds are full and spirits are high.

"He really likes to play with any kid that he can find to chase around the park or have them chase around the park," says April Jones.

But playing outdoors now comes at a higher risk thanks to distracted drivers.

"I teach him that he has to be careful because a lot of times, drivers aren't," says Jones.

"It goes back to drinking and driving. People that have done it their whole lives think 'it's OK if I can have a couple of beers and drive.' Same thing with texting and driving- it's just as bad," says Jesse Fields.

Jesse says he sees people in his neighborhood running stop signs on a regular basis.

"I dont' know if they're not paying attention or they just don't care. My child plays outside but i don't let her go by the street but there are other kids that do," says Fields.

According the Ad Council the average text takes a driver's eyes off the road for five seconds. That's the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blindfolded.

"Five seconds? That can do a lot of damage. It can hurt someone, kill somebody," says Fields.

One single text increases the likelihood of an accident happening by 23. That's 23 times more likely that a young child running after a ball will no longer be running.

"That's my child. That's their child. That's a lot of kids that could be hurt permanently," says Jones.

Numbers may just be numbers but lives are lives.

"Yeah my daughter right there, she's my world. I could not live with out her. Especially knowing that I could have prevented it or someone else was just not paying attention."

And one life is worth waiting for.

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