The Moments After Fenner Fired the Gun

Published 05/19 2014 07:52PM

Updated 05/19 2014 07:59PM

KTAB has been covering the story of an off duty Jones County Sheriff"s Deputy, who while drinking, allegedly fired three shots at truck, with two people inside. There was controversy because the suspect, 26-year-old Stephanie Fenner, was allowed to go home with her parents the night of the shooting. Her father is a retired Abilene Police Officer, a former Jones County Sheriff Deputy and a current Jones County Judge.

After she was tazed, twice, she then charged at an Abilene Police Officer, when a 911 call reported shots fired. Abilene Police did eventually arrest Fenner, two days after the shooting. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge held a news conference to assure the public that there was no cover up. Now KTAB has talked to one of the victims in the truck that night, Fenner's girlfriend. She uses the words "cover up" several times in her interview. 

We knew what happened immediately after shots were fired near the intersection of Highway 277 and FM 2404, but we now know about the moments after 26 year old Stephanie Fenner was in police custody. 

"I felt like this was all being covered up. It had started on the scene," explains one of the victims. She said after the shots were fired, she called two people from Stephanie Fenner's phone, "I tell them 'Get here now! This is what is going on!'" The first person she called was a female Jones County Deputy who was off duty, and she brought another women with her.

The victim, who wanted to remain anonymous continued, "The real possibility that she might die tonight enter my mind, so called another person that was very close to her." The second person she called was Stephanie Fenner's Mom, who also came to the scene with Fenner's father, the retired APD Officer and current Judge in Jones County.

At this point, there are two places people are gathered, at the 7 Eleven, where the two victims are, and down the road from here, where Fenner had walked, with her gun. The two parties the victim called drove right past the 7 Eleven where police had Fenner under control.

When Fenner's parents finally made it to 7 Eleven, it was something Fenner's mother did while pointing out the bullet hole on the truck that caused the victim to start worrying about a cover up, "And then an officer pulls in to turn around, and then she like, wait a second, and the officer left, and I'm thinking, 'why wait?' I don't understand. Then when the officer pulled out, then we walked up there and she showed us the bullet hole."

Then there was the search for the gun, "She got into the truck and shut the door, thats when in my heart, I fully believe they found the gun."

Although she does not see it first hand, thats when the victim says Stephanie Fenner's mother finds the gun. 

The victim also said there was a fifth Jones County Person at the scene. A former Jones County Deputy, who is no longer in law enforcement.

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