The Olympic Torch Burns Bright in a Very Special Way

David Olson is no ordinary man.

"Ollie you know, Ollie is a good coach."

And not just any coach, David is a Special Olympics Coach.

"You know I spent 25 years in the military. But this is just so rewarding. If you did it once, you'd never quit."

Now he devotes himself full-time to people with special needs .

"They're everything. I go to work because they make me smile , they make me laugh, " says Olson.

And although training for the Olympics hasn't been easy.

"The training is hot and it's hot."

In the end, the result is no different than the regular Olympics.

"You get the butterflies, you get the sensation of people being together," says Olson.

And it all begins right here, with the torch run.

"All of the excitement reaches maximum level and those kids are just ready to go," says torch runner Hunter Lewis.

Competitiveness brews inside each and every athlete, except in this case, it's not just about winning gold.

"They win a medal, they don't care what it is. They're just happy," says Olson.

Happy to be a part of something where they're already winners.

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