Touring Washington War Memorials with Abilene Veterans

Volunteers and more than 200 veterans boarded two Boeing 737's for a non-stop flight to the nation's capital, before visiting some of the many well known memorials.

The first stop was the World War Two Memorial, obviously special to the men and women who served our country at that time.

"Lots of guys were in the service then, you know. I came out of it okay, but a lot of guys I was with didn't. We lost a lot of them, close to us," said Abilene veteran Earnest E. Reynolds, Jr.

Those who helped organize the trip, like HSU graduate Jeff Bellanger, could see it as well.

"It's wonderful to see the veterans get to see their memorial, and we're sure thankful to west Texans for their generosity in allowing this to happen."

This is a look back at the trip by KTAB Chief Videographer Andrew Carlson.

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