Trooper on Road Rage: Bad Things Happen

Friends of the people involved in a shooting that broke out along Sayles Boulevard couldn't believe what they saw.

What began as a minor conflict rapidly escalated into an intense case of road rage, add two guns to the situation and disaster followed.

"I can not believe that this happened I didn't even know he owned a gun," said a close friend of one of the men.

One witness said he saw the two vehicles get pushed onto the median.

"They both went over the curb and they both got out and started pointing their guns at each other."

Shell gas station manager, Bryan Robeson, says the moments that followed the shooting were pure chaos.

"The gun was on the ground near the Mustang, I was trying to get people away from that just to back up out of the streets because there were still cars going by it was really crazy," said Robeson.

Robeson says the man who fired the first shot looked as stunned as everyone else at the scene.

"When I saw him outside of the store he just kinda had a baffled look like 'What the heck did I just do?'" said Robeson.

Road rage is a growing problem that Trooper Sparky Dean says begins with aggressive driving, mix in daily stress and you never know how any road conflict could turn out.

"What if? Is it really worth your life? That's something we as drivers need to consider unfortunately here Driver A gets mad at Driver B and here we go back and forth retaliation and one up and bad things happen," said Dean.

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