TxDOT Crews Plowing Ice and Snow Off Roads

The Texas Department of Transportation has been working around the clock trying to clear ice and snow off major freeways in the Big Country.

"We have had some success in removing quite a bit of the ice pack that has been on all the highways in this area," said Brain Crawford with TxDOT in Taylor County.

Crawford says the extra trucks brought in from San Angelo and Lubbuck have been crucial in getting ice off the roads.

"We're still focusing on the major roadways in the Abilene area such as I-20, the Winters Freeway, Loop 322, US 83/84 and US 277," said Crawford.

When we drove along Interstate-20, slick ice still had traffic moving slowly, with several drivers using their hazard lights, and few people broke 20 miles-per-hour although not every driver was as cautious.

"That's part of the problem, sometimes you get a false sense of security you may drive for a mile or so and you have bare pavement you speed up a little bit and then all of a sudden you hit ice and that's when we get a lot of the accidents," said Crawford.

Numerous truck accidents forced TxDOT and the Department of Public Safety to close down part of Highway 84. The area between Lawn and Coleman is shut down until further notice. Crawford says TxDOT still has a lot of state maintained highways they have yet to clear.

"We will be working on those right after the high volume roadways that i mentioned earlier are clear," said Crawford.


plans to keep crews working 12-hours shifts until the roads are safe to drive on.

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