TxDOT Prepares for Second Severe Winter Storm

Texas Department of Transportation crews were busy 24/7 last week, spending hours clearing snow and ice from Big Country roads. Their hard work paid off since it helped drivers like Daniel Cowart make his early morning commute.

"I was on my way to work today and it looked like a junkyard on the side of the I-20, there were cars all cracked up and bumpers and pieces of cars just laying everywhere so it was obviously pretty bad last week," said Cowart.

TxDOT is considering themselves lucky to have a couple days of warm weather to make repairs to their trucks.

"A lot of times we don't get this break it takes 8-10 hours of many people working all day long on all the pieces of equipment that we have to make sure they're ready for the next storm," said Dwayne Justice with

Forecasters are saying the next storm could come Tuesday evening. Justice with says once again they're ready to go, gearing up for 12 hour shifts and filling their trucks with deicing materials like magnesium chloride.

Justice says a lot of equipment like their drag blades were used for hours breaking down ice, causing a lot of problems.

"You can kinda see how it was worn and is worn here this is a new attachment before the original blade was worn to this level," said Justice.

One front loader in the yard had a broken windshield wiper, a part that Justice says has to be ordered in.

"Without that windshield wiper if you had a lot of rain or snow it would be pretty hard to see," said Justice.

Justice says after a severe storm they see a lot of broken bolts, material wedged into chains, and

"Depends on what the Base says if I got to come to come, I'll come to work but if I don't have to be out there I'm not going to be out there," said Cowart.

The trucks that were brought in from Lubbock and San Angelo last week have been returned, but TxDOT says they will have about a dozen or so trucks working state highways this week.

TxDOT in Taylor County.broken lights. Cowart said he's glad TxDOT is repairing their trucks for the upcoming storm, since he's not sure what their drive to work could look like.

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