TXDOT Prepares for Severe Weather Arriving Tuesday Morning

Between midnight and 4 A.M. on Tuesday, forecasters are predicting for severe winter storms to come through the Big Country.

In preparation for the looming storms, Dwyane Justice, Maintenance Supervisor for TXDOT in Taylor County, says they've decided to split their 27 member crew into 12 hour shifts.

"We know it's going to freeze and we know it's going to rain, so we know it's going to be ice. So everybody needs to creep along and drive as slow as possible if they don't have to be out at all postpone it until a better day," said Justice.

The first shift has their equipment prepped and all set to go as early as midnight if the roads start to freeze.

"Most of the time the only differences are timing and if there is some type of difference between snow and ice you do use some different equipment or address it a little bit different," said Justice.

TXDOT is prepared to send out at least a dozen trucks filled with a deicing material called magnesium chloride. TXDOT says they prepare for severe weather even before the storm clouds roll in.

"One of the plans is already in place before we even start the year as far as emergency response for ice control or snow," added Justice.

TXDOT started to plan specifically for this winter storm last Thursday. They say they're prepared for poor road conditions to continue for the next couple of days.

To get current updates on road conditions you can call the TXDOT hotline at 1-800-452-9292.

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