UPDATE: Woman Dies Following Strange Shooting

Thursday Evening Update:
According to family members, Oletha Garrett has died from her injuries.

She passed away Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday Evening Story:
A woman was shot in her front yard in Callahan County, and local sheriff's deputies have no suspects.

Brenda Danielson & Linda Duffey's 86-year-old mother Oletha Garrett was outside in her front yard when thought she felt something bite her. Her son, who lives next door, called paramedics when he saw that she had been shot.

"Definitely the wrong time I guess.  When a bullet was flying through the air, whoever was out there shooting recklessly," said Danielson.

Garrett was rushed to Hendrick Medical Center, where her daughters say she was in surgery for nine hours.

"It's not looking good for her survival right now...there was so much damage done to so many of her vital organs that any one of them can cause her to not recover," said Duffey.

Garrett is in critical condition after the bullet caused significant damage to her body. The Callahan County Sheriff's Department says they do not believe the shooting was intentional.

"At this time we do believe it was a stray bullet.  We do not know the origin of the bullet," said Chief Deputy Sheriff Keith Collom.

Local law enforcement are continuing to search for any details that could lead them to a suspect. Until more answers are uncovered, Garrett's daughters have a message they want to share.

"To please be careful out there, and if you hear gunshots out there please get your children and get in the house.  Don't try and figure out where it's coming from, because you may not have that kind of time," said Duffey.

If you have any information on this case, contact the Callahan County Sheriff's Office immediately at (325) 854-1444.

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