Victim Talks After Being Tied Up and Robbed In His Home

Published 01/16 2014 06:46PM

Updated 01/17 2014 11:01AM

Crime has been at the top of our newscasts this week.

However, today's incident was much more violent than the others.

An Abilene man, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, was blind folded, tied up, stuffed in a closet, and left for 15 hours, after being robbed in his home.

Bob Keith's hands are swollen, and have blisters from the cable that was wrapped around his hands.

He has trouble walking because his feet and ankles have the same injuries.

It was Tuesday morning, Keith was sitting on his chair in his living room and was surprised when his home was entered.

"They grabbed me and demanded money and other stuff," said Keith.

The rest of the story are the things nightmares are made of.

Keith said, "I was scared, I gave them what they wanted, and they still whooped me and everything."

Keith said after he was tied up and blind folded, the suspects took his ATM card and stuffed him in a closet.

A closet within eyesight of two pictures on his bedroom wall, one of Keith himself from when he was in Vietnam as a Marine, the other of his son, who also served and died in Vietnam as a Marine. Keith's son was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

"He wanted to be like me, a good marine. He would have followed me anywhere," says Keith.

The suspects told Keith he would not be left in that closet tied up.

They told him after going to get his banks ATM to empty his bank account they would come back and set him free.

They never came back.

It was Keith's daughter, Ashley Hernandez, who found him.

"I had been monitoring his bank account, and I had looked at it that morning and saw that there was some suspicious activity so I came to check on him, because he was not answering his phone," said Hernandez.

She found him 15 hours after he had initially been tied up.

According to the Abilene Police Department the victim did know one of the suspects.

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