Victor Sotelo Reads a Letter Detailing Hailey Dunn's Possible Whereabouts To Her Mother

Billie Dunn listens to what Sonja Renee Callahan wrote from an Odessa jail to her sister, Hope Martin, in Abilene.

When we mention the name Sonja Renee, Billie Dunn first says she doesn't know the name, but then she changes her mind.

Billie said, "No, even the Sonja name is new to me, it's recent within the last couple of weeks, I just don't know much about these people."

Billie continues to say, "It sounds like she is talking about Hailey and it sounds like she has seen her. There are so many other people, I had heard that the number was in the seventies of people who said 'I've seen Hailey,' and they gave written statements. I understand if law enforcement can't confirm that with me because they don't want us to let it out there that they're on to these people, I don't know. It fits in to everything that I am worried about. I think we are close, I think we are going to get her back."

We've been working this exclusive story for several months. This is information that we have had for weeks.

At the request of the Colorado City Police Department, we held on to it, so we would not interfere with the investigation.

Colorado City police tell us they investigated this letter and determined the allegations to be unfounded.

However, the district attorney's office, tells us the letter has value and they are still looking into certain elements that are providing valuable information.

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