KTAB Obtains Breckenridge Sherrif's Deputy Statement

Published 11/28 2012 10:38PM

Updated 11/28 2012 10:56PM

Billy Wade works for the Breckenridge Police Department, but is set to be sworn in as the new Stephen's Co. Sheriff at the beginning of the year.

Victor Sotelo has been looking into what actually took place on the morning when a female officer called for help over the police radio and later called a county commissioner.

Victor has obtained a sheriff's deputy's statement about what he saw that morning, and it brings another name into the mix.

Ed Russell, Precinct One Stephen's County Commissioner, gave us an idea of the mind-set when he got a call from officer Jennifer Adams, who was at the golf course after midnight with sheriff elect Billy Wade.

Russell says he was called to calm Wade down after Russell was called by Adams over the radio.

In his statement, Flournoy said when he arrived, Officer Bruce Hay, who responded to Adam's call for help, waved at him and told him to stop, then walked to Flournoy's patrol car.

We later found out that Billy Wade was intoxicated and also may have had a low insulin level, according to the chief of police.

Sources say taser darts were found at the scene.

In a statement, Flournoy says that later that day, County Attorney Gary Trammel, spoke with Flournoy, telling him to report everything he saw and to stay quiet.

We spoke to the Trammel last week and asked him about his involvement in the case. 

He told us he didn't t know Wade very well.

We later found out, Trammel helped with Wade's campaign.

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