Life In The Oil Patch Pt. 1: Petroleum Use In Everyday Products

Published 11/10 2013 11:45PM

Updated 11/11 2013 12:13AM

Do you know exactly how many products require the chemical use of petroleum?

The list literally goes on and on especially since derivatives from petroleum is used to create synthetic and plastic materials.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, petroleum is the broad category that includes both crude oil and petroleum products. About 75% of the 7 billion barrels of petroleum used last year were for gasoline and heating oil and diesel fuel. Gasoline alone took up nearly fifty percent.

EIA says in 2010, more than 190 million barrels of petroleum gas were used to make plastic. That's only 2.7% of how much oil is used. That 2.7% encompasses the everyday products seen wherever we go.

"It's the life and blood of Texas and America," Earnest Brooks, a Home Depot employee who once worked in the oil field said. "Without it we're dead in the water."

Oil is not just for fuel. That's because products that require chemical use of petroleum ranges from baby bottles and diapers to sponges and containers.

It also includes coffee pots, trash bags, laundry detergent, teething rings, cooking utensils, computers, print cartridges, memory cards, shoes, etc. It's a long list that goes beyond petroleum jelly.

It's not an everyday thought but with the expected Cline Shale oil boom to reach the Big Country, anticipate oil to not only impact the economy, but everything we use.

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