Little Moments, Big Magic

A Perfect Match

Big: Jean Goodnight
Little: Tonda
Little's Age: 14 years old
Program: Community
Date of match: March 23, 2006

Reason for becoming a Big Sister:
I really believe in mentoring. It is important to help people. Kids, especially, need one-on-one contact.

Favorite activities with your Little:
I pick her up from school once a week. We go to movies, play miniature golf, rent movies, and bake cookies. We do a variety of things! I help her with her homework, we cook dinner and eat together and sometimes just hang out at the house. Our time together does not have to be activity-laden. We just enjoy spending time with each other. She enjoys just coming to my house and hanging out, watching television and getting on the computer.

Funniest thing your Little has said:
When she nominated me or Rookie Big of the Year when we were first matched, she said she nominated me because I taught her how to shop.

Experiences you look forward to sharing with your Little:
She is trying to work track into her schedule next semester so I hope we will get to experience track meets together next year. After I took her tubing on the lake, she said she wanted to learn to water ski. Ultimately, I would like to see become a productive citizen with a great vocation. I encourage her to strive for higher goals and to go the extra mile.

Lessons learned from your Little:
Just being there is important to a teenager. Someone encouraging and supporting them means the world to them.

How has your Little encouraged you:
The first year we were matched, I was new and was trying to understand what being a Big Sister meant when she surprised me with a nomination for the Rookie Big of the Year award. I was completely surprised when I won. It was then that I knew everything was appreciated. I know that I am important in her life because she is consistently available. She still has time to hang out even though she is entering her teen years.

One word that best describes your match:

Best thing about being a Big:
Making a difference.

Why should other Abilenians consider becoming a Big?
There are so many kids on the waiting list. Tonda?s friends? parents tell me how their kids are on the waiting list. One day I found out my doctor was a Big Brother and I thought if he has time to be a Big, I have time to be a Big.

Big Brothers Big Sisters enriches, encourages, and empowers children to reach their highest potential through safe, positive mentoring relationship.   Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is about making a lasting difference in a child?s life through friendship.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is celebrating 30 years of serving the Abilene community. To get involved, please contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 325-674-3113 or email Little Moments. Big Magic. Huge Impact.

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