Local Business Still Receiving Hail Related Calls

Published 07/18 2014 06:07PM

Updated 07/18 2014 08:28PM

The hail storm may be gone, but it is in no way forgotten. Zaine Sitzes of Abilene Portable Buildings knows this all too well.

"I've received, I can't even tell you how many calls today," said Sitzes. "Customers, as well as insurance agents and construction companies asking for quotes and asking us to come out and bid portable buidlings and repairs to complete replacements."

Sitzes said he didn't think he'd still be getting calls this long after the June 12th hail storm,  disastrous event that caused around 400 million dollars in damage to roofs, windows, and cars.

"That size, that magnitude of a hail storm," said Sitzes. "You know, everybody thinks oh we definitely need protection for it, probably people's second, or most biggest investment they have outside their house."

It's the exact same story over at Hawk Portable Buildings in Clyde. Billy Fafner tells us, he estimated that the call volume would be at a trickle by this time.

"I figured it would actually be a couple of weeks of everybody calling and you know wanting to come out and assess damage and give estimates."

But, both local business owners tell us, that is just not the case. "It hasn't really slowed down, it's been every single day," said Hafner.

For both places, this means business has been good to say the least.

"Well we've been having a really good year as far as sales go we've been having a really good year," said Hafner. 

"Since June, since it happened I can't tell you how many customers came in," said Sitzes. "They're wanting a carport that next day and of course, being a small family business we'll get you as many as we can, as quickly as we can."

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