Early Community Firefighters purchase new rescue equipment thanks to $27,800 in grants

EARLY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The Early Community Firefighters have received two grants to purchase new rescue and firefighting equipment.

The Early Community Firefighters received two grants totaling $27,800 from the Texas A&M Forest Service Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program. The firefighters used the grant money to purchase a new slip-on unit and rescue equipment.

The new slip-on unit will replace an older, outdated unit. The slip-on unit can be placed on a pick-up truck or custom built platform. It will be used for wildland firefighting as well as structure and vehicle fires. The new unit also has class A and B foam capabilities.

The rescue equipment purchased included two air packs, a rescue chain saw, and a thermal imaging camera. The camera allows for hot spot detection in normally undetectable areas such as walls and ceilings. The camera can also be used to detect body heat in search and rescue situations.

The Early Community Firefighters, Inc. has served their 101-square-mile protection area in Brown County since 1961. The firefighters continue to look for new ways to better protect their communities.

“Safety is a priority for our department,” said Community Firefighters Chief Chad Hill. “The slip-on unit, camera and other tools will help increase our firefighter’s capacity to work safer in our community and also will have the tools available for mutual aid.”

The new equipment has already been put into service.

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