Local Wrecking Yards Rushing to Keep Up With Demand

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 06/18 2014 06:46PM

Updated 06/18 2014 10:18PM

Since Friday, wrecking yard workers have been working non-stop to try to meet the demand of local customers hoping to replace their cars.

"Normally, you know, we are selling body parts, and motors and transmissions and when this happens it seems like everybody just forgets about the mechanical problems and they just want to get cars where they can drive them," explains Ronny Tutt, owner of FM 600 Wrecking.

Windshields, back glass, mirrors, tail lights, and headlights are the items that have been flying out of the yards. The items in highest demand, however, are the glass parts.

"Ever since Friday, we have been out here pulling glass all day long. Friday, Saturday, yesterday, and today," says parts puller,
Johnny Palacos.

While the business is good, wrecking yards have been swamped since Friday. "Its frustrating because we can't stay caught up and people get impatient and some understand and some don't," says Tutt.

Employees at Mike's Wrecking yard say they are having trouble staying caught up too and since they received larger hail at Mike's, they have extra steps to take.

"We have to check everything when people call in because we also got hailed on. Some of the glass that we show that we have inventoried and in stock didn't make it through the storm," says Pam Briscoe, co-owner of Mike's Wrecking yard.

Even with claims of their own to deal with, they say they are putting the customers first.
"We are doing all we can do," says Briscoe.

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