Love It Or Hate It, Oil Boom is Making Its Way to Colorado City

"I don't know how to feel about it right now," says one Colorado City resident.

If you are in search of the latest word on the street, you are just about guaranteed to find it in a hair salon.

"I like my small town community," the resident continues.

At Lenore's Hair Salon, all the recent talk has been centered around the affects of the oil boom reaching Colorado City.

"When you call to get an appointment, they're busier than they usually were," says Mindy Hale.

Another resident adds, "You can't find a hotel room anymore. If people want to come visit everything is booked up, you just got to stay with your family."

It is hard to live in Colorado City and not notice the impact the boom is having in west Texas.

City Manager David Hoover says the phone has been ringing off the hook at his office, with people inquiring about housing availability.

He says, "We have people calling to rent, to buy."

Hoover says oil, cotton and cattle is all he has ever known, so to see Colorado City get back to the true wild west mantra they were once known for makes for an exciting time.

"If everything is true that they think is true it will be a really big oil plate," says Hoover.

One that many are hoping for, and some will just have to get used to.

"I like how it is right now, but it would be good for this town to grow, for sure," says one resident.

Hale adds, "I love our small town, don't get me wrong, that's why we live here, it's a small town. But you also want to see your small town flourish because you don't want to see it dry up and so i think the new businesses coming is going to be a good deal for us."

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