3 wheel bike stolen from 90-year-old Abilene 'Granddaddy'

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - 90-year-old Ross Blasingame is in good spirits considering his only means of transportation was stolen from the porch of his north Abilene home Monday night. 

Blasingame, known locally as 'Granddaddy', has been riding the red 3 speed, 3 wheel Summit bicycle for 3 years after losing his ability to drive due to poor sight. 

His son helped him pick the perfect bike after Blasingame struggled with balance on a standard 2 wheel model, and his new ride, which was used daily for trips to the grocery store and for socializing around Abilene Christian University, was adorned with lights from his granddaughter and a flag and horn from his brother.

"it was just my way of going and visiting people I liked to visit," Blasingame told KTAB and KRBC. 

Blasingame noticed the bike had been stolen from his home on EN 20th Street when he woke up Tuesday morning. He believes the thieves cut a chain that was keeping it attached to the porch.

Despite the setback, Blasingame continues to smile and count his blessings, including the college students in his neighborhood of 43 years, whom he refers to as 'grandchildren' he 'collects', remarking "that's a lot better than collecting stamps"

Blasingame is determined to not let the thieves get to him, saying "I know that there are many people who feel I need to be upset, or angry, but that doesn't do any good, and he hopes "that the people who took it see that they're hurting themselves, not me. "

Several community members have already come forward and offered to help purchase a new bike if the original bike can't be found, and for these friends, Blasingame says he is "not worthy" but grateful.


TONIGHT ON KTAB NEWS AT 6 - Hear more from Mr. Blasingame's plans to move forward now that his only means of getting around is gone. 


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