595 Abilene students in search of homes

"As of this morning, we had 595 classified as homeless," said Darrin Cox, Homeless Liaison of Abilene ISD.

Abilene ISD is looking into the continuous issue of child homelessness in the area.

"It's so important to get your education as a kid," said Cox. "It's so important to be at school every day and there are so many barriers that we don't think about just every day of having clean clothes, having clothes that you can wear, having shoes you can wear, or a meal to eat."

Homeless students are living in shelters, doubling up in other homes, living in motels and hotels, or are currently unsheltered.

"On the immediate side of need, we're still doing the donations of clothes, money, school supplies, underwear, socks that are new," said Cox.

The Dodge Jones Foundation will be hosting a breakfast Thursday to discuss the "Safe Families for Children Program," a program designed to help children find Foster homes.

"We're going to start out talking to some churches and hopefully get some of those homes that would be available that we could place some of our unaccompanied youth with," said Cox.

Projects around Abilene are being put in place for Foster Care of Homeless Children. BCFS Health and Human Services helps provide foster homes to students 18 to 21 in efforts to help the homeless children kick off their future through their program "Our House."

"It takes a special person to be a foster parent but it really takes somebody special to keep guiding the youth for the future," said Tony Delgado, Regional Director of BCFS Health and Human Services.

Abilene ISD says the biggest need at this time is to find more foster homes for homeless students.

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