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63.4 pound catfish breaks Hubbard Creek Reservoir record

Breckenridge native and fisherman Michael Vandygriff broke a record set two weeks ago for a 59-pound blue catfish caught by his brother, Brandon Vandygriff, by catching at 63.4-pound blue catfish of his own Sunday.

"I just edged my brother out four pounds,"said Michael Vandygriff.

Hubbard Creek Reservoir is showing signs of life with a large fish population in numbers and size.

"We have always wanted catfish tournaments instead of bass tournaments," said Michael Vandygriff. "I love bass tournaments, and Brandon's a heck of a bass fisherman, but we have wanted some good quality catfish tournaments as well."

Two years ago, Hubbard Creek Reservoir was in a significantly different state, with water levels and the fish population down dangerously low.

"We were very worried about the fish population because we were dry for so long," said Lorie Rohloff, owner of Brush Creek Mercantile in Breckenridge.

"When the water went down and the lake went down, a lot of the fisherman found other options, but now they're starting to come back," said Rhonda Crawford, Executive Director of the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce.

"There's probably not a day that goes by that, if you are out fishing, you don't catch something," said Rohloff.

The growth of the lake and its population has the potential to bring more visitors into Breckenridge.

"We are working to organize events on our lake to promote it a little better," said Crawford.

"It's just a passion we hope will continue throughout and bring people to the lake and to Breckenridge," said Rohloff.

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