A day with the Dyess Honor Guard

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - The Dyess Honor Guard is one of the busiest honor guards in the nation. For members, their job takes them as far as the Metroplex, or even Waco. On any given day, they can have multiple teams across the state, doing a number of different jobs.

With nearly silent movements and incredible precision, the Honor Guard moves through the day's task, practicing for the event ahead. On this occasion, it's a military funeral with full honors.

The Honor guard spent much of the day going through each individual action, striving for perfection, but they're ready for changes to happen at any minute. On this day, they did.

Staff Sergeant Carl Mendoza says that's all part of the job. "That's just what we have to deal with, the curve balls on a day to day basis. We try to teach the guys as much as we can, but really, that's something you have to lean when you're out here."

Staff Sergeant Michael Picciano trains members each day. He says that the training will include "worst case scenarios", ensuring that everyone knows "exactly what's going on in each and every situation that may arise." He says that this funeral had some unexpected changes, but training ensures that they're ready.

Although this wasn't a particularly busy day, other days have the Honor Guard moving across the state, active in ways that many people never get to see.

Technical Sergeant Derek Speights says, "A lot of folks kind of assume we're only here in Abilene." He says their movements are all encompassing: "We go from top to bottom, left to right, and all the way around Abilene."

The Honor Guard also does many tasks apart from funerals. Those include retirements, presentation of colors, and educational work.

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