Burst pipe leaves damage on an Abilene home

Abilene, Texas (KRBC) - A pipe that burst outside the home woke up Marty Borrego and his wife Thursday night.

"We were in bed and my wife came in the room and woke me up, she heard like a big it was raining out side and she came to me and said one of our pipes busted. I ran outside and go turn off the water main and I look and it is in the ally a big 12, 13 feet high gushing of water," said Marty Borrego, a home owner in Abilene.

The water covered all three of his cars, even the one he got from his dad when his dad passed away.

"The rocks were hitting my truck, you can see my truck it got damage on it, all chipped up, all the inside got wet," said Borrego.

He still has not looked at how bad the damage on his home is.    

"I don't know if I have water damage in my attack because it went straight through my ventilator on the side of my house, water was shooting into there," said Borrego.

It took them almost two hours to get the pipes shut off but the City of Abilene told Borrego that they are not responsible for the damages.

"They told me just now on the phone that they probably won't be responsible for the damage it caused because it is like a freak accident and that is what the judge just told me on the phone. So I will have to claim it on my insurance or my home insurance," said Borrego.

An insurance agency we talked to said when a freak accident like that happens it depends on the persons coverage and the contract with the City of Abilene, on who has to pay.



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