Abilene Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day

Tonight was a night to celebrate

"We are just celebrating his legacy," said Terrenia Fitts, the president of Abilene's Black Chamber of Commerce.

And a call to action.

"This is an opportunity to do. It's not just an opportunity to dream," said journalist Hazel Trice Edney.

The annual Martin Luther King Junior banquet gave Abilenians the chance to do both.

"It is such a valuable thing in today's society to be here with one another  celebrating unity and things that have been fought for," said ACU student body president Abbey Moses.

"What makes our community great is the diversity we have here and that the community is able to come together, work together, celebrate together," said Fitts.

Award-winning journalist Hazel Trice Edney flew all the way from Washington D.C. for the event tonight to speak about civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Dr. King was not just a dreamer, he was a do-er," said Edney.

Edney spoke on why Dr. King's message is just as relevant today as it was during the civil rights movement.

"Because we're still there. We're still in a place where we're wandering in the desert, we're still in a place where black and white still hasn't truly come together," said Edney.

But she did see a community that had come together tonight.

"There are black and white together. There is obviously a passion for what dr. King had to offer," said Edney.

A passion that was celebrated at the Abilene Convention Center.

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