Abilene continues to advance its cancer resources

When it comes to cancer, "Having resources available is huge, it can be life changing for a lot of people to have that," commented Jenna Dozier, an Abilene woman who is battling cancer for the second time. 

Fortunately Abilene has a lot to offer in the way of cancer services in addition to cancer treatments (website list below), and here's a snapshot.

Over at Texas Oncology, "We are now expanding into telemedicine," commented Jeff Messer, with Texas Oncology. 

Which means they can consult with specialists from other cities, "Without having to make that trip," he finished. 

Information is readily available at Hendrick, "We have an abundance of literature that they can take home with them," commented Linda Neill, manager of education services. 

And there are also oppotunities for those battling cancer to speak with someone who has fought the battle before. 

"When we have a patient who is really wanting to speak with someone who has been through it before, we have ladies who say I want to do that," Linda continued. 

This last piece, and every bit of candid communication, is especially important according to Jenna.

"A lot of people if they don't express themselves or talk to somebody, they might get depressed with it, and attitude is a huge part in recovery."

All together, the various cancer services in Abilene are making constant efforts to progress, work together, and grow in order to better help Abilene cancer patients. 

"If they have a need and we have a resource to help them whether here at Hendrick or in the community, we absolutely set them up with it," finished Linda. 

"You can't do it alone, and having that is so important, and I love the fact opening more and trying to help more people from it," said Jenna. 


Texas Oncology

Hendrick Cancer Care

Cancer Services Network

American Cancer Society

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