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Abilene gyms focus on ensuring clients fulfill goals, remain healthy

The new year presents the opportunity for residents to fulfill health goals, including more consistent working out.  Gyms in Abilene are focusing on enhancing the workout experience for those trying to stay in shape.

"For us I'm very excited for the new year," said Justin Bane, owner of Fieldhouse gym.

Gyms such as Anytime Fitness are encouraging people to work out in groups to stay focused on achieving their goals.

"You tend not to push yourself to your max," said John Biggers of Anytime Fitness. "To have someone there with you to push you through those times that you don't want to do it, it's very helpful."

At Fieldhouse, which recently opened up in April of 2017, the mentality of working out is as important as your recovery.  Fieldhouse is focusing on making sure their clients are taking care of their personal health.

"I think it's such an undervalued process," said Bane. "Our job is to keep you feeling good. It's to get your body going and keep going."

This year, Fieldhouse is starting a 100 day challenge for clients to burn as much weight as possible, weighing them with a Bod Pod.

"The Bod Pod is going to give us our most accurate reading for body composition," said Bane. "A lot of people get on the scale and, unfortunately, the scale can lie to us in a lot of ways. We want to separate our lean tissue and our fat tissue that make up our weight."
Other tools are available to assist with recovery, such as salt baths, pneumatic compression sleeves, steam saunas, and aqua massages.

"Lifting weights hurts, the grind hurts, improving and bettering yourself is usually a process that requires sacrifice," said Bane. "What we want to do is give these folks the same opportunities that athletes do when they are hurt."

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