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Abilene Habitat for Humanity has military experience on hand

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - When Habitat for Humanity builds a house, it takes a combination of volunteers and experienced professionals. Volunteers can be the backbone of a Habitat project, providing the manpower needed to do a large part of the work.

"Any given Saturday, we like to have 20 to 25 volunteers.", says Abilene Habitat executive director Steven Leggett. "Sometimes it could be 1200 if we get good crews." He says that the average project will see between 300 and 400 individuals over the course of the build time.

Some tasks, however, are a bit more specialized, and call for extra help. "Bricklaying", says Leggett, is one of the tasks, "that's better to have a professional crew doing it. Sheetrock is the same thing."

There's some built in experience within the ranks of Habitat for Humanity in Abilene: Aaron Bryant, who has unique experience as a Navy Seabee. The construction workers of the Navy, the Seabees have built just about anything, according to Bryant. "You name it, we've built it.", he says.

Bryant's experience makes him a perfect fit for construction superintendent. His experience, "helps me to get this house back on track. Getting everything moving into a more steady, relaxed pace." Bryant says that the goal is to have the house finished by the end of April.

Whether it's in the Navy or in Abilene, Bryant's work carries significance. "It just fills me up. It makes me feel greater inside."

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