Abilene home hosts haunted yard for Halloween night

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - It's almost time for Halloween, and this time of the year, many people are looking for a good scare. As haunted houses crop up around the Big Country, one in particular stands out. It's in a front yard, and it's so big that the neighbors are even involved. 

The yard haunting is a limited time event, taking place on one night, and one night only: Halloween.

The creeps and ghouls aren't so bad when you're talking with them in the daylight. One scary clown (Scary Clown #1, as she chose to be called) is in her first year of spooking others. She says, "I really do love Halloween. I just started getting into haunted houses and stuff like that, so I'm excited. Pretty excited to see what happens on the 31st, and it will be a pretty fun time."

A few new pieces are added to the puzzle each year, with most it it being hand crafted from wood, or recovered materials.

Nick Robillard, "the Ringleader" creates these himself. He says that they "never go overboard" with decorations, adding only a couple each year. He is proud of how they're able to "reclaim as much as we can". He points to two new additions for this year. "The ticket booth cost us a total of $30. The Chucky box was only paint, so $20."

This year, classic creeps and evil clows run amok, all of them looking forward to the moment that they really come to life on Halloween night.

"Crypt Crawler" is also making his first appearance as a monster this year, and says that "Halloween is my favorite holiday, ever. Anything I can do for the spirit of Halloween, I'm always down for." He adds that the Robillards are "longtime family friends, so I was glad to help out."

There is one last minute addition to this year's spooktacular, and, although the hint may be obvious to some, the only way to find out who it is, is if you float on down to 815 Marsalis Drive on Halloween night for this homegrown frightfest.

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