Abilene Man Changes His Name to Superman

He's not in the sky with the birds and the planes, but he is on the air, riding the radio waves, and true to his name, he wears a cape and is decked head to toe in red and blue. 
"This is like an every day attire for me. There's not a day where I don't wear superman," commented Superman Vizcaino. 
Vizcaino is a man whose love for the man of steel dates back to his childhood. 
"It goes back to that towel around the neck and you fly around the bed," Vizcaino continued. 
After he grew out of the playing Superman phase, he began to dress like the Kryptonian, which has gained him his nickname. 
"Everyone called me Superman and it just stuck," he said.  
But a nickname is not where this story ends. In 2015 Vizcaino had his middle name legally changed to Superman. 
This year he's working to have his current first name, Jamey, removed entirely. 
Superman loves his namesake not for his physical strengths but his strength of character. 
"He's a caring person, he's kind and selfless. That's why I like Superman," Vizcaino stated. 
Superman has a significant other named Melissa but everyone knows her by Lois Lane. 
Not only do people call her Lois Lane, but she is considering changing her name too. 
"I am like 80 percent there," she stated. 
And while she freely admits hers might not be the most normal of relationships, she loves it just the way it is. 
"I love it, I wouldn't change it," she finished. 
Going forward, superman has created a will, he plans to have a Superman tombstone and casket and cane of kryptonite for when he is older. 
"This isn't a temporary thing, I'm going to do this until I'm dead," Vizcaino finished. 

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