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Abilene man claims innocence in cause of heroin overdoses

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - An Abilene man is in the Taylor County Jail this evening accused of selling drugs which killed three Abilene people within a 12 hour period last Friday.  KTAB talked to the man on camera.  36 year old Michael Deon Thompson was jailed for a previous warrant, possession of heroin and despite the charge on that warrant, Thompson said he is not a drug dealer and does not know where the allegations are coming from. 

In the jailhouse interview, Thompson said he does not know who the three people are that died of an overdose last week. 

"I don't know them people. I don't know nothing about none of that."

Police said a fourth person also overdosed last week but lived and admitted to using heroin.

Thompson was arrested on an outstanding warrant Wednesday night, and that warrant said he was caught with a small amount of liquid heroin in a Visine bottle. This came after police got a tip that a large amount of the drug would be dropped off at an Abilene home.

The arrest came on August 24th of this year and Thompson bonded out on a $5,000 bond.  But Thompson still maintains he is not a drug dealer.

"I don't know none of them people. At the end of the day if I did know the people you know I'd take responsibility whatever they said I was accused of."

But he said he is instead a rapper. 

"I do music.  I'm on SoundCloud, I'm on YouTube, I'm on Audiomack, I'm on iTunes, I do music."

Police came knocking on the door Wednesday night looking for Thompson.

"'Open up this door Mr. Thompson.  This is bigger than what you think', and I didn't know what the hell they were talking about," Thompson said.

Thompson was then taken to the Law Enforcement Center and questioned before he was taken to jail.

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