Abilene Man Travels the World Without Leaving His Computer

Thomas Hale has money that has been to thousands of towns, 50 states, and 33 countries. He is able to track his money by using a site called 'Where's George.' For him, it's more than a hobby. He says he's making an impact.

"Give it a try," Hale said. "It's just real simple fun."

Hale takes pride in the many places that his monies travel.

"All 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and 34 other countries," he said.

His hobby started with a dollar bill and some curiousity nine years ago.

"Back when I worked at the drive thru movie theatre, I found a Where's George bill one night," Hale explained. "I traded out for it, entered it, and got lured right in."

You may have seen the Where's George logo stamped on dollar bills. By logging on to WheresGeorge.com and entering the serial number, you can see where that particular Where's George bill has circulated. Thomas Hale has over 118,000 bills entered in the Where's George database.

"It's kind of interesting knowing that you can make an impact just by spending," he said.

He's tracked his bills in some pretty unique locations, but the most interesting place he's seen one of his bills is in Ganhar, Afghanistan.

"Just the part of it is knowing that your money has been someplace you don't have the opportunity to ever even go," he said.

Signing up for Where's George is free. Hale explained that the stamp that he uses was ordered from the Where's George website and stamping the monies is completely legal.

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