Abilene Master Drainage Plan: Buttonwillow Creek crossing

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB)- It's been two and a half years since the July 2015 flood on Buttonwillow Creek Parkway.  The city of Abilene's Public Works Department is working on a Master Drainage Plan to help prevent or minimize flooding like this.  The city has ten different areas included in the plan they want to fix and the Buttonwillow Creek Crossing area is one of them.

According to Parkhill, Smith and Cooper stormwater team leader, René Franks the area is pretty dangerous.

"It's a low roadway of course with a channel in the middle and it has these low water crossings," Franks said.

Residents like Rafael Garcia, say the water can get pretty high. 

"It's actually gotten to the mailbox maybe a foot deep," Garcia said.

Garcia said it's also hard to get around when it rains a lot.

"We have to divert, find other avenues to get home and usually through the back roads.  You have to cut through Sams and stuff like that," Garcia said.

That is why the Public Works department listed this area in their Master Drainage Plan.

"That water is just rushing. I've witnessed two vehicles get stuck on each side of the roadway," Garcia said.

They want to raise Chimney Rock Road so people can get in and out of the neighborhood and emergency services can get through to those who need help.

"Well hopefully it will fix the issue where water will rush through without flooding the roads.  That would be nice," Garcia said.

This part of the plan is expected to cost about $1,000,000.  The Public Works Department will bring a more finalized version of the plan to the City Council for approval at a later date.

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