Abilene Mother Pushes for Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana Advocate Attends Public Hearing at State Capital

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- After years of trying to find the right medication for her 6-year-old son who was diagnosed with autism, Amanda Martinez, told KRBC if House Bill 2107 is not passed, her only option is to move.

"He has been taking medicine since he was three, and nothing has worked, he's topped out of medications that shouldn't be topped out at six-years-old." Said Martinez.

After 20 different medications and multiple doctors visits, Martinez started researching medical marijuana and how it may help her son, Kris.

"I started looking online on my own and then after months of searching, I had called a friend of mine that lives in Colorado and they referred me to a dispensary, I then talked to the dispensary and they told me about Texas MAMMA's.

Texas MAMMA's is a group of mothers advocating the use of medical marijuana for autism.

"My son has aggressive autism, ADHD, ODD and my doctor is testing him for epilepsy." Continued Martinez.

Last Monday, the group headed to Austin for a public hearing about HB 2107.

"We held up our pictures of our sons, daughters, and family members that need this bill to pass, we had two speakers and over 60 testimonies were heard."

If the bill is passed on to the Senate, Martinez and the rest of the members of Texas MAMMA's believe that their prayers will finally be answered.

"It will allow patients like my son to get the actual help that he needs."

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