Abilene police asking gambling locations to 'cease and desist' before opening

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Abilene police are issuing 'cease and desist' letters to establishments that are already operating illegal gambling sites or plan to open an illegal practice soon. 

During a press conference Thursday morning, police chief Stan Standridge said officers were going to issue the letters soon and any business that doesn't comply with the command will be prosecuted. 

Chief Standridge says that even though some of these businesses where illegal gambling is or will be taking place claim they are in compliance with the Texas Gambling Statute and in line with a Texas Attorney General Opinion, Taylor County District Attorney James Hicks says they will be operating against the law. 

Hicks told KTAB and KRBC, "If anyone other than the participants is receiving a value - economic value is what it's called, value of any purpose - they are probably involved in an illegal situation."

This means the establishments will be subjected to any appropriate criminal charges if they don't heed the 'cease and desist' warning, and Chief Standridge says the Abilene Police Department is ready to move forward with any necessary investigations.

Last week, BigCountryHomepage reported on the Roosevelt Club, a social club touted as Abilene’s Premier Social Club for Legal Poker.

Owners and management believe it is a legal operation because the establishment isn't profiting from the poker games. 

General Manager Scotty Erfurt said, "It's legal because it's a private club. You buy a membership, and the house keeps no money. Everything gets paid back 100 percent to the players."

It's unknown if the Roosevelt Club is one of the establishments that Abilene police are asking to cease and desist. 

BigCountryHomepage will provide more information on this illegal gambling investigation as soon as additional details are released. 




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