Abilene Police Crack Down on Robberies

Abilene, Texas (KRBC)- Abilene police are investigating a string of robberies over the last couple of weeks.
At least four of the robberies happened between Sunday and Monday.

"It's definitely a community safety issue. And so your police department has responded by adjusting schedules. And some of these detectives haven't slept in over 24 hours.So we are definitely trying to be responsive to these crime trends," said Police Chief Stan Standridge.

And it's not just police who are working to find these criminals.

"There has been remarkable collaboration between the police department and our convenience stores. There have been a tremendous amounts of phone calls. So when we start having these strings of robberies, our 911 dispatchers are calling convenience stores in Abilene," said Chief Standridge.

How exactly are clerks assisting in the investigation?

"Because of their descriptions,  because of them calling us even if there's been an unsuccessful robbery, we've actually been able to take a couple of people into custody. My hat's off to these clerks, they have a very stressful job and to be robbed is exponentially more stressful," said Chief Standridge.

Especially stressful since the robberies these past two weeks have possibly involved weapons and the threat of violence.

"I'm not aware of any specific instances where the robbery occured where there were customers inside and those customers safety was in jeopardy. I'm only aware of convenience store clerks being threatened,"said Chief Standridge.

Why so many robberies in such a short amount of time? The chief says it all goes back to one thing:

"There's a definite nexus with drugs so basically they're fueling a drug habit, drug abuse," said Chief Standridge.

Three people have been arrested so far in connection to the robberies.

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