Abilene Police Dispatch Glitch Causes Headaches

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - A computer system glitch caused some problems for Abilene police dispatch, and had them going low-tech for a while. Even with the chaos behind the scenes, police say that most people wouldn't have noticed a change.

Despite being a well refined process, problems can still happen in police dispatch, and they did on Thursday, when a crash took the system down.

Public Information Officer Rick Tomlin says that the problem started quietly and progressed until, "finally it crashed at some point, and that caused some issues, obviously, for getting into the system, but also the way that we dispatch some of the calls."

The police had several backup plans in place, as they were able to move back to the older system that had just been replaced.

The process of switching between systems takes some time, meaning that dispatchers would have to use much older technology.

Tomlin says that they had to turn to pen and paper, saying that it's "not the best way to do it", but points out that they were able to make sure officers were sent where they needed to be without any delays.

The new system is back up and running, but it needs to be tested before the switch is official. Police say that should happen over the course of a few days.

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