Abilene police respond to reports of mother, son selling potentially expired Sonic cards

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Abilene police are asking citizens to report incidents of deception after receiving reports of a mother and son team selling potentially expired sonic cards around town.

Officers responded to a location on the 300 block of Judge Ely Blvd after receiving complaints that the duo was "trying to sell expired Sonic cards and threatening people" Monday night, according to an Abilene Police Department representative. 

This representative also confirmed police have been receiving similar complaints about these individuals since at least May of 2017. 

A post that's garnered a lot of traction on social media describes a recent interaction with the mother and son, saying "this kid is all over Abilene selling Sonic cards for his karate (sometimes it's school except he's homeschooled). Most of the time those cards are expired."

Commenters quickly responded to the post, some citing their negative experiences with the duo over the years and others coming to the child's defense, saying the cards they purchased weren't expired and describing the kid as "very polite and very personable."

Police told KTAB and KRBC no arrests have been made in connection to the complaints they've received about the mother and son, but they want to remind the public that "citizens are encouraged to report theft by deception and assaultive behavior to the Abilene Police Department."

BigCountryHomepage will keep this article updated as more information is released. 


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