Abilene resident passes after collision

According to TxDOT, the FM-89 corridor, otherwise known as Buffalo Gap road, sees more traffic on a daily basis than the I-20 corridor in the Abilene district. In fact, TxDOT estimates that by 2018, just the portion of Buffalo Gap between chimney rock and US-83 will see 35,100 vehicles daily. Those living in the area concur that it is busier than most Abilene thoroughfares.

"It's definitely more busy than any of the roads I travel," stated one.

"It's very busy, at least as busy as Ambler," commented another.

Now according to police, around 9 am on Buffalo Gap road, 57-year-old Earnest Medford stopped his truck to collect material that had fallen out. Shortly after he was struck by an oncoming car, pinned to his truck, and passed away on scene. One witness even told us what she saw.

"A lot of the stuff that was in his truck now is in the road," commented Cynthia Robley.

Cynthia dropped everything to try and help.

"I pull up and another man checks pulse. There's no pulse so I laid my hand on his head and said a prayer for him," Cynthia went on.

Before Robley left she wanted to leave this message for the family of Mr. Medford.

"I did not leave his side until the police made me."

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